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Social Spark

Social Spark Membership

Social Spark Membership

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Sign ups for May socials open now!

Everyone who signs up for the Social Spark Membership will get matched with two groups of ~5 people for (at least) two small socials per month. Upon signing up, you'll fill out a form with your availability and interests, and in the beginning of each month we'll set you up with these two groups for coffee, lunch, or another get together.

Keep meeting people in this chill, small-group setting to continually introduce new potential-friends into your life, to find the ones who you want to stick with long term! Members will also be entered into special contests and have chances for special prizes and events. See more details here.

We currently have outings running all of April, and new matches will be sent out May 1st. Sign up before then to start socializing this May!

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Make sure to familiarize yourself with our community guidelines before signing up.

Your group will be matched up with a Social Spark leader and be sent their contact info and the exact itinerary the week of the event. See FAQ and Refund policy.

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