Note From the Founder

My name is Sam and I graduated from Cal Poly, SLO in June of 2023. As I was graduating I saw how many of my friends were struggling to find ways to meet people after graduating, and the toll this took on them. This, in combination with the importance of friends to me, and knowledge about the loneliness epidemic we are in, all prompted me to start Social Spark. I truly believe strong relationships are one of the best things we can have in life.

Friends Along the Way

Post graduation we got the opportunity to work in Cal Poly's Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship's Accelerator program. This gave us mentors and peers to work alongside to build this business. We are now in the CIE's Incubator program working fulltime to bring Social Spark events to more people.

Spreading the Spark

We are just at the beginning of our mission. Our vision is to make it easy and fun to build meaningful friendships, and we are dedicated to achieving that. We work to be people-centered, authentic, humble, hardworking, continually learning, and fun in all we do. If you want to get involved to help spread the spark, contact us and we'd love to talk more!

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