Revolutionizing Social Networking

No swiping. No trying to meet people online. All in-person, authentic connections.

Looking for a way to continuously meet new people, like you, in a casual, in-person format?

Everyone who signs up for our new Social Spark Membership will get matched with two groups of 3-6 people for (at least) two small socials per month. Upon signing up, you'll fill out a form with your availability and interests, and in the beginning of each month we'll set you up with these two groups for coffee, lunch, or another activity.

Keep meeting people in this chill, small-group setting to continually introduce new potential-friends into your life, to find the ones who you want to stick with long term!


  • Each member will get at least two invites to mini socials each month, selected for them.
  • Members will also have opportunities to earn prizes and participate in other opportunities.
  • This is currently only in the Bay Area, and the locations will be set near the majority of the group. If you live on the outskirts of the Bay Area, you may have to drive further to come to the socials. If you sign up and there aren't enough people in your area, we'll let you know and refund you. 
  • These are different socials from the ones in our events page, and more of small, casual hangouts.
  • This current membership is open to ages 21-29.
  • Please review our community guidelines and commit to being kind and authentic!

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Who can participate?

Right now our membership is open to ages 21-29, in the Bay Area. We started this specifically for this age group after talking with hundreds of recent grads and young professionals and realizing that a lot of people struggle to meet new people at this age. With so many people moving somewhere new to start a career, or having their friends move away, it's a time where we could all use some extra community.

Can I be part of the membership if I'm on the outskirts of the Bay Area?

Yes, you certainly can. However, you may have to drive a bit further. We will select locations close to the majority of the group, so if you're outside of the Bay or on an outer city then you will likely have to commute to where the rest of the group is.

How do you match groups?

Right after signing up you'll take a survey with some of your interests, availability, things you look for in friends, and more. From there we consider a range of different things to match groups. After attending socials, you can also tell us who enjoyed meeting, so we can improve your matches for future.

What happens after I sign up?

Right after signing up you'll take our matching survey, and then you'll receive your social invites on the first of the month. From there, you'll meet with your different groups throughout the month, and get more invites for the start of the next month!

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Who Are We??

This membership was started by a team of Cal Poly, SLO class of 2023 grads, so we love going to socials ourselves too. We'd love to meet you and answer any q's you have, or just get to know you and talk about life!

Stay in touch for updates, or click the button in the bottom left to join for free with a friend.

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