We know this is a new format of meeting people...let us answer your questions!


Who is this open to?

Our events are open to people ages 21-29 right now. Many of these people are "recent grads" or young professionals who are looking for new social circles after moving away from their college towns. However, you do not have to specifically be a recent grad to attend.

What happens after I sign up for the membership?

Right after you sign up you'll be prompted to fill out a questionnaire about yourself, which we use as a starting point for finding groups for you. Then, on the 1st and 15th of each month (whichever comes sooner to start!), you'll get invites to different outings (coffee dates, drinks, lunches, etc) which you'll get to choose between. After each social you'll review your groups so we know who to better group you with in the future, and you can continuously meet new people to find the ones you want to keep around.

Can I be part of the membership if I'm on the outskirts of the Bay Area?

Yes, you certainly can. However, you may have to drive a bit further. We will select locations close to the majority of the group, so if you're outside of the Bay or on an outer city then you will likely have to commute to where the rest of the group is.

How many people are in a group?

We create groups of ~5 for our socials, for casual and personal interactions.

Where are the socials?

Each social takes place at a different restaurant, bar, coffee shop, etc., all around the Bay Area. We find a central location for each group, so no one has to drive too far. Most of these places are local spots, so you can try new foods and drinks while meeting new people!

When do the socials happen?

The time of each social is determined through coordinating each group members' availability. When you sign up you'll indicate your time constraints, and we'll send you invites that you can choose between, based on what works best for you. Socials tend to be spread out across week nights and various times during the weekends, but will be compatible with your schedule.

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