We know this a new format of meeting people...let us answer your questions!


How do you define recent grads?

Our events are open to people ages 21-29 right now. Many of these people are "recent grads" who are looking for new social circles after moving away from their college towns. However, you do not have to specifically be a recent grad to attend.

Does the membership get you into normal events?

For our beta program the membership and our events are entirely separate. When we launch it officially, come April, the membership will likely include extra perks like discounts off our ticketed events.

What happens after I sign up for the membership?

Right after signing up you'll be send a form to fill out with your interests, availability, and things you are looking for in friends. At the beginning of each month we will message you with dates, times, and locations for when you are meeting with the groups we matched you with!

Can I be part of the membership if I'm on the outskirts of the Bay Area?

Yes, you certainly can. However, you may have to drive a bit further. We will select locations close to the majority of the group, so if you're outside of the Bay or on an outer city then you will likely have to commute to where the rest of the group is.

How many people are in a group?

Our membership involves frequent socials with groups of 3-6, for casual and personal interactions. Our events can range from 7-20 people.

What does my ticket price cover?

If you are attending an event (not the membership) - Firstly, your fee covers paying your group leader: another recent grad who is putting time into picking up food/supplies, doing our training program, and helping with any issues that may arise. We vary the price on top of that based on how much food and activities we are covering. Check the specific details for the event you are signing up for. Some include all meals and activities, and some are cheaper and do not cover your food. Right now the rest of the cost is going towards marketing, since we are an early startup and we are still working to get our name out there. That's why we give you a discount if you invite a friend--that saves both of us money!

Can you accommodate food allergies at events?

So far we have been able to! During the sign up process we'll ask if you have any food allergies. If they are super extreme we will follow up with you to make sure it's okay. We have been able to accommodate everyone up until this point.

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