Let's Talk About Supporting Your Early-In-Career Employees
Early-in-career employees and recent college graduates are at a higher risk for loneliness than most employees, and may need your support. With 22-46% of new college graduates applying to jobs outside of their region of the United States, it is likely that many of your new hires have no existing community when they start their jobs. A 2023 Meta-Gallup survey found individuals ages 19-29 reporting the highest levels of loneliness, and the consequences can negatively affect your organization. 

While loneliness leads to many negative mental and physical health effects, strong social connections can help your employees and organization in many ways:
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Give Your Employees Healthy Experiences
Now, more than ever, your early-in-career employees need positive relationships. We help spark these friendships in fun, healthy weekend experiences.
  • Strong Social Ties

    These events are more than networking or a happy hour. They are for building strong friendships, combatting the loneliness that can negatively effect their lives and your organization.
  • Explore the Community

    Give your employees opportunities to explore their new city and build roots in the area. Many of them have moved here just for their job, so this is one way to help them turn this into their home.
  • Healthy Activities

    When burnout and work-life balance can be challenges, give your employees another opportunity to do something healthy and fun. Activities are often outdoors and active, promoting a balanced lifestyle.
About The Team
Our founder and CEO, Sam Moberly, started Social Spark as her senior project at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. After months of talking to early-in-career employees and understanding the problem, Social Spark grew to create a solution. Part of the inspiration came from Cal Poly's nationally recognized orientation program, which is so successful at helping college freshman in their social transition. With a unique engineer's spin on building friendships with processes and testing, Sam has helped our events evolve to focus on effectiveness and authenticity.

Since graduating in June of 2023, Sam has been working fulltime to lead the charge on combatting loneliness and inspiring meaningful connections. Social Spark works closely with the Cal Poly Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and many other wonderful advisors and students. We also have a team of leaders, who are early-in-career individuals with a passion for connecting people.
What Participants are Saying
“It was so fun! It was really chill, cool people and [our leader] Arnav was a great leader keeping people engaged!”​

Julia C.

East Bay Area

"I thought it was a lot of fun and we had a great time this weekend. Since we are new to the area it was great to meet people and see the things to do around the area. It was great to make some friends and meet some cool people that have similar interests."


San Luis Obispo

“Super fun, and a great opportunity to put yourself out there and meet new people who are also looking for new friends! ​

Madison M.

Sonoma County

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