The 20s Bucketlist

Contrary to how it may feel, the most fun parts of your life do not have to be in college. I mean, you are a little wiser, have more free time, (hopefully) have more money now…why should these not be the best years of your life? These are some must do’s before you actually turn old:

1. Crash a Fancy Event You're Not Invited To
Strut into a black-tie affair like you own the place. Bonus points if you can pull off a convincing fake accent.

2. Master the Art of Small Talk with Strangers
Attend a networking event armed with your most impressive yet totally fictional achievements. See how long you can keep a straight face.

3. Perfect Your "I Totally Know What I'm Doing" Face
Practice this in front of the mirror until you can fool even the most discerning of colleagues. It's a vital skill for adulthood.

4. Throw a Dinner Party with a Strictly Fancy Dress Code
I don’t have any friends getting married soon, so I know I’m trying to embrace getting dressed up fancy. If you’re having one, we’d like an invite…

5. Learn to Cook at Least One Impressive Dish
It's time to retire the instant noodles (unless you’re working on a startup lol). Master a dish that'll impress all the other instant noodle gang.

6. Embrace Rejection: Apply for Your Dream Job, Even If You're Not Qualified

Channel your inner resilience and apply for that job you think is way out of your league. Bonus: frame the rejection letter as a badge of honor.

7. Take a Spontaneous Road Trip
Pack a bag, hit the road, and let spontaneity be your guide. Bonus points for embracing detours and unexpected roadside attractions.

8. Attend a Music Festival (Bonus: Camp Out for the Full Experience)
This is a must in your 20s. A little harder to do if you ever have kids one day, or many high up work responsibilities, so take advantage now.

9. Learn to Play an Instrument (or at Least Pretend to)
Pick up a guitar, ukulele, or any instrument that strikes your fancy. Even if you sound terrible, the attempt is what counts.

10. Attend a Comedy Show
And take me with you…

11. Go Camping in the Wilderness (No Glamping Allowed)
Disconnect from technology and immerse yourself in nature. Enjoy being young enough to sleep on the ground while it lasts.

12. Master the Art of Handwritten Letters
In the age of emails and texts, revitalize the lost art of handwritten letters. Maybe we can make these normal again. Mail is fun (as long as it’s not utility bills).

13. Hit The Gym / Get Yoked
You only get a few years to be the young and fit person in the gym that everyone crushes on. At least, we like to think that’s achievable. But now is the time to be in your prime.

14. (Maybe) Go to a Club?
Not really our thing, tbh, but if you’re gonna try it, then much better in your 20s than when you’re old and people think you’re creepy.

15. Plan a Tech-Free Day and Rediscover Analog Hobbies
Disconnect from screens for an entire day. Dust off board games, pick up a physical book, and revel in the simplicity of non-digital entertainment.

16. Learn to Surf or Master a Water Sport
Especially if you live in CA or the coast, you have no excuse. Well, mine is that I’m not a great swimmer, but even so it is really fun.

17. Participate in a Fun Run
You don’t have to be the new Turkey Trot family one day, but it’s worth doing one fun run. Even if you walk, get your crew together, dress up, and enjoy food and swag after the race. And enjoy the run too, I suppose.

18. Hit the Karaoke Bar
This is so twenties vibes, with your group of friends. I’m getting sentimental just thinking about it. Don’t worry—if you’re a bad singer, often the DJ will turn your volume down. Or people will be tipsy and not remember anyway.

19. Take a Dance Class
Lots of cities have line-dancing places, which are super fun. If you’re not a big country fan, then try a tango, ballroom, jazz, or other dance class.

20. Travel Abroad
Can’t say I have the $ to do this now, but if you do, now seems to be the time. Walk around some random country, romanticize your trip, and eat lots of good food for us.

The 20s Bucketlist
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