Don't let the Cold Keep you Inside this Holiday!

The holidays can be the best or worst time of the year.

It can be a time spent with friends and family, rich in community and good times. Or, it can be quite the opposite for those missing key people in their lives.

On top of that, seasonal depression (i.e., seasonal affective disorder) is very real, and many of us may be more resistant to getting out and socializing as temperatures drop. The risk of SAD increases as we age, and believe it or not, we are starting to get old. 

We can definitely be guilty of being antisocial during winter. There's nothing wrong with staying in and watching an occasional Hallmark movie (or Die Hard) here in there, but we also want to progress our own stories...

Let's be intentional—this month especially—to reach out to those around us, and help others to experience the joy this season can bring. Whether it's reaching out to old friends, putting more effort into relationships with coworkers, family, and current friends, or sparking new friendships, let's make this a season of community for as many people as we can!

Thanks to those who have come out to a holiday event so far, or are attending later this month. For us, this is certainly a fun time of year to plan events. 🎄 Check out more events coming up to add some social to your December.

Don't let the Cold Keep you Inside this Holiday!
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