Answering Your Q’s About Events

If you’re still wondering what exactly goes on at our events or member socials…well you’re talking to the right person. More than just the FAQs, here are some other questions that people ask us that we can certainly clarify. 

Q: What does the membership involve?

A: We basically set up mini socials for all our members, so you can meet other people in their 20s in a fun and casual format. So we’ll match you in small groups that we think you’ll gel well with, and then you’ll get invites to drinks, coffee, lunches, etc.. If you’re not tryna meet people online, this is a very casual way to continously meet new people like you.


Q: What actually happens at events?

A: Each event is unique, based on the group attending, the leader, and the theme. We incorporate the leader’s recommendations, since they are another recent grad who has lived in the area longer. We also incorporate fun themed activities and activities that we have found to be good to help everyone get to know each other. Some activities have included beach bonfires, pickleball, dinner at local hotspots, pumpkin carving, making vision boards, archery, photo scavenger hunts, swimming holes, farmer’s markets, bar crawls, etc. We normally take a combo of these activities for a dynamic weekend. Members get discounts to these events, but they are otherwise entirely separate from the mini socials that members go on.


Q: Can I bring friends? Can I come alone?

A: Yes and yes. Most people come alone, but we recognize that can take some courage. We also have some people who bring a friend along with them. Know that our groups are very friendly/chill and our leaders are very welcoming, so you can totally come by yourself. There is also the option of going to the mini member socials, if that’s more your vibe.


Q: How big are events?

A: Most of the time we aim for small group events, with ~10-15 people. The member socials are closer to 5 people each.


Q: Does anything happen with the group afterward?

A: Our leader makes a group chat at our events for everyone so they can stay in contact. If you go to a member social, we’ll ask you later if you want to be matched with certain people again.


Q: Does the group talk beforehand?

A: Right now our leader texts everyone for events beforehand and stays in contact, but the group members officially meet at the event in person. Our members will soon have the option to text a few hours beforehand during their member socials.


Q: Will there be someone like me there?

A: Each group is unique, so we can’t guarantee you’ll meet your perfect friend there. However, we believe and have found that with a mix of people, our attendees often befriend someone that they wouldn’t have expected or necessarily picked from a dating app. Still, be aware that it might take some time or getting to know different people to find your exact crew.


Drop a comment if you have any questions, or shoot us a message. Always happy to talk, take your input, and answer all questions!

Answering Your Q’s About Events
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