Your 2024 Social New Year's Resolutions

Happy 2024!! 2023 was a good oneit was the birth year of Social Sparkso we're hyped for this year. We've been working on our resolutions...although in the business world we're learning that you need to meet your goals a little more than resolutions. Wish us luck...

If you're still thinking through your resolutions or goals for the year, here a few social ones we recommend:

  1. "I Will Expand My Social Circle (Beyond Netflix Characters):"

    Sure, we feel like we know good old Jim and Pam, Rory, and now Cole Walters, after this year, but this year commit to more...hmm how do we say this...two-sided friendships. Let's consider getting out of the house and making some of those Chandler-and-Joey-type friendships ourselves.

  2. "I'll Nail Small Talk (Without Mentioning the Weather):"

    Small talk is an art form, whether we like it or not. We try to cut beyond it the best we can at our events, but for networking and first introductions, it's good to be able to talk the talk. 

  3. "I'll Host Game Nights (Even If Monopoly Ruins Friendships):"

    Board games, poker nights, card games, video games, IPigeon games, chess...we believe in you.

  4. "I Will Attend Social Events (And Actually Talk to People):"

    Your calendar will no longer be a graveyard of missed social opportunities. This year, you're going to attend parties, mixers, and gatherings. Even if you go just to talk to a dog, you're going to accept the invites and embrace your social side.

  5. "I'll Join a Club or Team (Even if It's Just the Pizza Appreciation Society):"

    Clubs and teams are fantastic ways to meet like-minded individuals. Whether it's a book club, a sports team, or a pizza appreciation society (yes, that's a thing), you're ready to dive in. Spoiler alert: The pizza appreciation society might just be you and a stack of menus, but hey, you've got to start somewhere.

  6. "I'll Say 'Yes' More Often (Unless It Involves Drugs):"

    Opportunities can be found in the most unexpected places. This year, you vow to say yes to more invites and experiences. We've been told you should say no to drugs and people in vans offering you candy, but other than that, commit to saying yes and seeing where it takes you.

Your 2024 Social New Year's Resolutions
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